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UPDATE: Historic Buffalo Heritage Carousel Finds Waterfront Home at Canalside

MI-van-andel-museum-center-carousel-armored.jpg BUFFALO, NY – “Finally, the search for a new home for the historic 1924 carousel, built right here in Western New York, is over,” Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown said Friday during his State of the City speech. Brown announced that the city will make room at Canalside as land for the carousel will be transferred to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp... on 08 Feb 2016
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A very unfortunate thing happened this weekend when one of the shippers many of us use had his truck STOLEN in Southern California, 1/29/2017. The empty truck was recovered on Compton, CA. Inside the truck were a dozen carousel figures. I am awaiting pictures on the rest of them. Please keep you eyes peeled on EBay and everywhere and contact me directly if you see anything. Thank you! Here are some of the STOLEN CAROUSEL FIGURES.

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I hope to have pictures of the ones we restored tomorrow

Thank you! Also on board were 4 restored Allan Herschells, photos coming tomorrow, and this beautiful PTC Donkey.


The 5 Herschells are all in primer


Ah, okay.

shared on my wall...

Absolutely will keep our eyes open for them.

Seems someone was slightly confused by the posting. To confirm, these figures WERE STOLEN AND are STILL MISSING, out there somewhere. Not an easy thing for a crook to sell on the street, or anywhere. They might try to sell them to an antique shop or the likes, real cheap? Not sure how else they would try to sell them. We'll soon find out if they are dumb enough to put them on EBay or craigslist. In lieu of Kurri's pictures tomorrow, the other 5 MISSING - STOLEN HORSES, would look something like this one I believe.

That is correct, all 5 were very similar in size to that one. I'll check with my carvers tomorrow but they all should of had metal horse shoes as well

Pulled this off my phone so not the greatest but these are some of them

How awful. Will keep my eyes peeled.

Oh no! I'll share this and also be on the lookout! Hope they will all be recovered soon!

These were sold recently at the Donley Auction in Illinois, hopefully the people who purchased them will eventually be reimbursed if they can't find them

Please keep us updated if any are found or the perps caught!

That sucks. I hate thieves! Shared.

I asked the museum for clear photos, especially of the white ones, but haven't gotten any yet .....

I've seen similar to the white ones but there seem to be many.... and they could have been painted by now too.... I have to print them so I can compare them more easily...

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5 days ago

Consuelo Okdie

Thanks for the add...this looks like a very interesting page! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Roland Hopkins

Hello all, I have someone looking for a BASKET CASE PROJECT HORSE, preferably a Parker, but open to any basket case project he might be able to get for $1,000 or less if anyone knows of any horses in need. Thanks, Rock ... See MoreSee Less

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I'll email you in a sec about some I've seen...

Great, thank you.

Sent - :)

I may know of a partially restored crispy critter (Lincoln park fire victim maybe 2nd row) with some termite loss. Probably led than $1000. Can get pix on weekend.

Spillman Engineering horse from Lincoln Park. Was practically restored of burn damage then got termites. Will need some recarving and a lot of injections. Has 4 original metal shoes, a cute tilted head and obvious award winner ribbon. More pix avail

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